APC Europe, S.A.

Our focus is to help animals thrive.
APC is the world's largest producer of functional proteins. From high-quality ingredients for livestock producers, feed manufacturers and pet food companies to complete animal nutrition products for end users, we offer innovative solutions that help improve the lives of animals.

Our ScienceThe Science Behind Functional Proteins
Functional proteins are a complex mixture of biologically active proteins that help support and maintain normal immune function. APC’s functional proteins are derived from unique components found in bovine and porcine blood, and are consumed by millions of animals around the globe.

The technology APC uses to separate plasma fractions is similar to technology used for milk processing in the dairy industry and plasma separation in blood banks. In fact, we have been granted 20 patents in the United States and Europe related to collecting, processing and feeding functional proteins.

Ongoing research is imperative to our success. We are always building on our body of knowledge and sharing what we know with industry leaders, influencers and academics. APC subject matter experts have authored hundreds of peer-reviewed articles published in internationally recognized scientific journals. APC also sponsors university and commercial research to advance the understanding of functional proteins and their positive impact on animal nutrition.